I don’t own this vehicle anymore, why am I getting a bill on it?

Taxes are based on the property owned as of January 1 each year.  Even though you no longer own the vehicle, own a different vehicle, or no longer own any vehicle, the tax is based on what was owned on January 1.  The tax amount is not prorated.  The total tax amount is due upon receipt of the statement, but no later than December 31 or late payment charges will be added to the original tax amount.

Do I have to pay my taxes in person?

No, you may mail your payment. A paid tax receipt will be mailed to you at the address on the file unless you indicate an address change at the time of remitting your payment.

When are my taxes due?

Under state law taxes are due upon receipt of the tax bill but no later than December 31.  For payments made by mail to be on time, the postmark date must be December 31 or earlier.  To ensure your mailed payment is timely, contact the Post Office to determine the office hours for mail cancellation.  Payments placed in Post Office Mail drop boxes do not always receive the same day postmark.  Many Post Offices close early on December 31, therefore you will want to check with them on their hours.  The Collector’s office recommends that you mail prior to December 31 deadline.

Payments made in person are accepted during regular business hours (8am to 4pm) at the Collector’s Office in Huntsville.

I need to license a car purchased after January 1 of the year, therefore it is not on my bill.  What do I do?

If you bought your vehicle after January 1 of this year and are purchasing additional plates, you may need a Non-Assessment Card to take to the license bureau.  Contact the Assessor’s office at 855-277-6555 EXT 300 to find you exactly what you will need.

I am no longer a resident of Missouri; do I still owe this tax?

Yes.  Under state law, your tax obligation is established on January 1…even if you move to a different state, you are still liable for the tax.  However…if you move to Missouri on January 2, you are not taxed for that year.  Tax bills are not pro-rated.  The entire amount is due.

I am renewing 2 year license plates; which tax receipts do I need?

You will need to take your receipts for both years stated on your renewal form.  If you cannot find your receipt but you turned in your assessment list on time and paid by December 31 you can ask the license bureau to look your information up on the computer.  Randolph County provides this information to the state for license renewal purposes.  If you lived in another county for one of the requested years, you will need to contact that county.

I have moved; do I need to notify you of my new address?

Yes. We mail bills to the address on file.  Every year mail is returned by the Post Office as undeliverable because the forwarding time has expired or no forwarding reported.  Penalties will accrue and are due if the bill is not paid before January 1, whether or not the bill is received by the taxpayer.

Why is my tax bill so high?

The amount of tax you owe is based on the assessed value of the tangible personal property you owned on January 1 of that year.  The higher the market value of the property, the higher the assessed value and therefore the higher the amount due.  The value of the property is determined by the county assessor using standardized information.  The total assessed value is listed on your bill.  If you have questions on your valuation, you need to contact the Assessor’s office at 855-277-6555 EXT 300.

How do I avoid paying late fees?

Your payment must be received by the collector or postmarked no later than December 31.  Payments received or postmarked after December 31 must include late charges as accrued for the month of the payment.  Late fees go up on the first of each month beginning January 1 until the bill is paid in full.

I did not pay personal property taxes last year in Randolph County.  How do I renew my license plates?

The Motor Vehicle Bureau will accept a non-assessment card in place of a paid personal property tax receipt.  This card states that you were not assessed nor owe taxes in Randolph County.  Non-assessment cards are issued by the Assessor’s office if:

  • You are new to the state of Missouri
  • You are licensing a vehicle in your name for the first time
  • You do not owe personal property taxes to any Missouri County

I lease my vehicle.  Who pays the personal property tax?

The leasing company is generally billed for personal property taxes on all vehicles that they owned on January 1.  Please check your lease agreement for additional information.  You will need verification that they paid the tax, just as if you were paying them yourself.